Let's Get Personal

I am a mom of 3, and came to professional photography through a long path of life experience. most days you will find me curled up barefoot next to a cat or dog {we are animal lovers} editing photos while talking myself out of garlic knots from our local mario's restaurant. my passions are my children, photography, and saving the world {my corner of it, anyway}. My experience as a social worker has given me valuable insight into human experience, and i bring that to my photography. I am proud to advocate for mothers, and the incredible work they do. 

Fun Facts

Favorite movie: "Love actually"

My oldest daughter is named after a character, ask me who! If you haven't seen it, please rent it before contacting me so we can discuss the merits of hugh grant vs. colin firth...{kidding. sort of.}

favorite storefront: etsy

{much love to the crafty moms}

favorite book: "My antonia"

I am one of "those" people with a nightstand full of books, and my husband will tell you this is frighteningly accurate information. topics range from parenting, photography {those 2 are obvious} to non-fiction, fiction, mystery, and much more. i love comedic non-fiction, and david sedaris is my favorite from this category. 

ask me for book recommendations while waiting for baby to arrive, thank me later!

Favorite food: carbs

OK, its not technically a food. let's narrow that down to italian and/or mexican. most of the time we try to eat healthy, but if i'm going to splurge after a good long run, its going to be one of those options. I'm a vegetarian, and constantly teased about my dislike of vegetables. I'm trying, people. the struggle is real.